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Company Profile




Private patrol operator seeking clients interested in patrol and security guard services of all kinds. Our goal is to provide highest quality for individuals or company's security related needs.



Provided outstanding services since July 2005.



Special events, estate security, mall security, school security, individual security, work place violence protection and other security needs.

Agents are available 24 hours a day to provide our clients with a cost effective and highly organized solution to every security needs.

Armed and unarmed guards available.


Skills and Qualifications

English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin and French Speaking guards.

Ability to cooperate well and meet client's standards.


Licenses and Certificates

Commercial Certificate of Insurance

State License PPO # 16829

City of Rosemead Permit # 974359

City of San Gabriel Business Lic. # 077264

City of Westminster Bus Lic. # 057184

Police Permit # 2550


Quality Statement


Code 5 Security Services is a private Security Services provider in Southern California specializing in providing uniform Security Guard and Patrol services to all kinds of organizations.


Code 5 Security Services Company strives to provide highest quality security guard services with the management and experienced employees are united in their commitment to assuring the supply of security guard services offering a level of High Services and good quality.


Areas of concern are as follows but not limited to:


       - To support on-time security guard services before the promised time.

       - To provide security guard services and exceeding the specification at our quoted price.

       - To use our proposed methods and procedures.

       - To resolve customer concerns regarding the quality of services supplied.


Besides Code 5 Security Services places particular emphasis on acceptance to change and encourage all employees to offer their suggestions for services improvement. Personal training security guard schedules and post schedules are all being placed in a high priority in Code 5 Security Services.


Special Events Services from Our Company



Code 5 Security Services offers both armed and unarmed security guards including the following events not limited to:


                  - Weddings

                  - Festivals and Parties

                  - Concerts

                  - Church and Temple Ceremonies

                  -  Parking lots and Tent Sales

                  - Supermarkets and Restaurants

                  - Factories Shut Down during Holidays and Weekends


Our guards are fully trained with many years of experience and ready to protect your customers, employees and properties. Our guards are ready to handle under any situations.


Our company serves throughout California for both large and small business and corporations. When it comes to protecting guests and customers or guarding against theft and burglary, Code 5 Security Officer are always on top of the situations.


To get started for your security services. Please, contact us today.